Clowdy Followers

How to become a ‘Recommended Follower’

So, you’ve joined Clowdy, and you’re attracting followers and publishing great Clowds.

But you want to reach even more people?

Well, as you may have noticed, we recommend selected followers to new users when they join. These artists are also recommended to users via email. It’s a great way to find and be found.

We’ve compiled a few tips on how to become one of Clowdy’s recommended followers:

  1. We recommend users who consistently publish great quality Clowds. It’s the very essence of Clowdy. If you create great Clowds, we sit up and take notice.
  2. Make sure you have detailed descriptions complete with hashtags. It helps the discovery process in Clowdy, and really is a large part of we think makes a great Clowd. Think of a hashtag as a way to categorise your Clowd. #indie
  3. If you create an audio Clowd, make sure you’ve selected an engaging cover photo for your Clowd. An album cover or band photo is perfect.
  4. Give your Public Profile some character. Add a cover photo and add to your biography to give users the best chance to find you and your creative Clowds.

We don’t judge on the amount of followers you have. Whether you already have 400 followers, or just 4, if you publish great Clowds and follow the above guidelines, there’s an excellent chance we will feature you as a recommended follower.

Time to get creative!

The Clowdy Team